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Plan Policy

1. General:

Fair use policy is designed to protect the quality and integrity of the telephone network ensuring fair and equitable access. Biz Telecom depends on our Fair Use Policy in a situation where your usage that forms the part of a plan or promotional offer is deemed to be “unreasonable” or “excessive” as defined by us.

We possess the right to alter the terms of the Fair Use policy at your discretion from time to time.


2. Telephone Service:

2.1 Business Service:

When we supply you any service you must use service in accordance with the following reasonable use policy:

2.2 Commercial Use:


3. Call Plans:

The policy applies to extension phone plans, phone, hosted PBX plans, VoIP plans, Telstra, TPG services, Vodafone. Particularly the policy applies to:


3.1 Hosted PBX “Standard” plan:

‘Standard’ Unlimited /Included call plans includes all the Australian landline phone numbers and 1800 numbers.

Standard’ Unlimited /Included call plans include all the Australian Mobile Networks and all Australian Landline Networks and 1800 services.

1300 /13 numbers, calls to operator or directory assistance numbers or International calls are not included under Unlimited/Included Call Plans.


4. Call Outlines:

Certain call outlines and activity may indicate that your services are not “reasonable”. Biz Telecom may use its sole discretion to determine whether the services used are reasonable or not.

4.1 Equitable Access:

The service is considered to be unreasonable if you reduce or limit the ability of other customers to access our network services;


5. Unreasonable Use:

Biz Telecom provides network services without any kinds of restriction for rendering calls or receiving faxes from any other assigned networks.

Unreasonable Services includes;


6. What does Biz Telecom do?

If there are reasons for breach of Fair Price Policy without restricting our rights under Terms and Conditions where we consider the use to be unreasonable we may;


With or without any prior notice. Biz Telecom has rights to cancel for the network services without any kind of immediate notice that over rides the clause or any requirements under Private Policy, Terms and Conditions or Fair Policy.


If we believe on reasonable grounds that you are on breach of ‘Fair Use of Policy’ you must pay standard applicable rates calculated from the breach date. If you have paid for the service then you must pay us the difference between the standards applicable rate and the retail rate.


7. General Matters;