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Get the Unlimited VoIP Plans in Australia!

Australian’s everywhere are discovering every saving possibilities with VoIP technology!

Cost-effectiveness, portability, and multi-functionality are the additional perks offered by a VoIP service, which are not at all provided by the regular telephone. And yet, the business makes the same mistake of taking the traditional telephony service. Despite knowing the solutions of VoIP businesses are preventing themselves from taking a risk. What if we tell you that VoIP services now can make possible and affordable calls across the national and international platform, allowing the business to enjoy the wealthy service of call forwarding, call conferencing and call waiting for service. Would these services appeal to the telephony service takers?

But before that one needs to understand what VoIP is and how an unlimited VoIP plans Australia can give a value-added service to the existing or start-up business. By 2020, there are more than 11.6 million subscribers in the Australian broadband network, according to the Australian Bureau Statistics, with 77 percent of those being household subscribers, 23 % business subscribers. Amongst the 23% of entrepreneur subscriptions, 20 percent of the SMEs business in Australia have taken up the VoIP as their primary business communication strategy.

With the significant saving available on every VoIP products the small enterprise can explore the developing business market in Australia and undertake the best cost-benefit analysis.  Businesses who have already embraced VoIP products, 66% of them indicated that the cost-benefit became a major motivating factor.


An Overview of VoIP service

VOIP service allows making business calls over an internet connection. As the voice data is sent over the internet, the technology can effectively drive the phone call to any corner of the world, with an extremely competitive price than any standard ordinary landline.

These online transmissions are specifically communication-based and are not at all confined to the advancing multimedia technology. So, VoIP is a telephone having video capabilities that serve the purpose of making video calls by using webcam and headset.

Alongside, VOIP provides a way for computer networks and another device to emulate traditional phones and lines. Modern business today has started migrating from a traditional PBX system to a VoIP system.

Like a traditional line, the VoIP link consists of a service provider and an end-user who owns a telephone instrument. Alternatively, the lines can deliver an upstream PBX, this end gear user is specialized telephone operating in the internet line or running software in mobile or PC that performs the same function.

The VoIP system offered by Biz Telecom offers a device design for surface interface with VoIP.  It can fluently handle six to twelve calls and provide typical screening, audio processing, and control functions. For the users with less call volume, a duo channel VoIP interface is available.


How does VOIP work- A complete process of VoIP

VoIP simply works by converting the analog voice calls into packet data. VoIP basically means that you are using the packet internet data to make telephone calls, where your voice is converted to packet data and sent to the other end of the telephone. With voice over IP, you can still connect to a landline and mobile phone while using the same internet connection. This represents a solid alternative and can fairly work out cost-effectively.

VoIP has emerged as a popular alternative to copper home phone line despite the roll-out of high-speed fixed-line broadband, 4G, and Wi-Fi, along with the strong adoption of the smartphone. Rapid internet connection access is virtual and has boomed the whole communication world. VoIP telephone works in the following manner:

  • VoIP Circuit Switching – Existing phone connectivity is driven by circuit switching. Circuit switching is the foundation of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).
  • VoIP Packet Switching – It is an alternative to circuit switching. Data networks simply retrieve and send data as needed. The data packet flows over a dedicated line through a chaotic network along thousands of possible paths. This is called packet switching. This is a convenient method.


Attractive features of VoIP

  • Calling ID – The VoIP has a calling display where one can see the caller numbers before picking the phone. However, if the caller uses private mode for calling than the receiver won’t be able to identify the caller’s number.
  • Anonymous call rejection – You can set up the device in an automatic call rejection mode where the receiver the block a particular number.
  • Call waiting – While you are on call, call waiting shall notify you with another call hold on the line.
  • Three-Way Calling – This allows you to hold conference calls with different people in different areas.
  • Do Not Disturb – This DND feature directs all the incoming calls to the voice mail service.
  • Voicemail – If the concerned person is unable to attain the call, the caller gets routed to the voicemail.


How much data does VoIP use?

The best thing about VoIP is that it doesn’t use much data.

  • Single phone calls need an upload and download speed of 100Kbps, with 3 Mbps second download.
  • As far as the data is used, 13 megabytes is an average. Given the most broadband plans are unlimited these days.
  • The low data use is good enough for mobile phone connections.

The fundamental communication landscape is changing and challenging allowing the Australian to communicate both at home and business.


Australia’s Top VoIP Business Plans

Biz Telecom is offering affordable and best VoIP business phone plans for enterprises and startups. The company has proven itself as Australia’s best VoIP service provider with 99.99% SLA guaranteed uptime.

The basic business plan starts from $39.99 per month. The business starter package has 2 lines, 2 DIDs up to two extensions. This is perfect for the start-up business who are working on the initial business development phase and who are looking forward to connecting with their consumers.

Similarly, the Business Advanced package is the popular most VoIP plan. The telecom service provider offers 4 lines, 4 DIDs up to 5 extensions, for a monthly price of $99.99.

Business Ultimate plan is suitable for SMEs, as Biz Telcom, offers suitable business plans covering 10 lines, 10 DIDs up to 15 extensions for a monthly price of $249.99.

For the large corporate houses or startups, a customized telecommunication plan is also available. The customers can take up any number of lines, DIDs, with any extensions. The price of this custom package depends on your requirements.

The plans offered by Biz Telcom for the enterprise and startups are:

ServicesBusiness StarterBusiness AdvancedBusiness UltimateCustom Plans
Phone lines2410Any lines
Extensions2515Any extensions
Concurrent callsUp to 2Up to 4Up to 10Customized
PBX featuresfullfullfullfull
AU numbers2410Include AU number as required
Desktop & Mobile AppFreeFreeFreeFree
Setup or Hidden costNoNoNoNo


Advantages of taking unlimited VoIP plans Australia from Biz Telcom

When talking about cost, a business should never ignore it. Most of the business keeps its operating cost on the check and further make an investment in the business expansion approach. So, when we are offering the Australian VoIP plan know that the cost is properly ensured. With a 24/7 customer support team, Biz Telecom is keen to support the business in the telecommunication sector. We make sure the calls are undisturbed so that the business can reap the maximum solution from the VoIP service. Additionally, with the service of a “facility less” hosted center, a business can effectively connect with the remotely located organization and employees. Few generic advantages associated with VoIP services are:

  • Call transfer – Call transfer is made between extension lines or to mobile Nepal.
  • Call hold – Place the callers in hold till the calls are forwarded to a dedicated person.
  • Group call – Make multiple calls inside the business premises or to the remote offices.
  • Call queue – Callers can wait for a certain time till the calls are forwarded to the respective person.
  • IVR/Auto attended – Interactive voice responses with the menu of pause, press, and sales.
  • Call conferencing – Host conference call with callers both on PBX and external systems. This works better with conference phones.
  • Call parking – Park calls and get them picked from another extension.
  • Busy light function – Looks at the speed dial on the phones and determines whether the number is busy or on.
  • Powerful features – Options of auto attendants, and call queues without additional payments.

Enjoy an uncompromised call with Biz Telecom! Choose the most suitable VoIP plans for your business and let’s get started! To know more visit our website www.biztelecom.com.au or call us @ 1300 049 120 / 02 8094 1200!

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